August 31, 2023

Anyone interested in their house deep cleaned?


Location: Canton, SD

Hello my name is April and I am looking for to see if anyone's interested in their house being deep cleaned I can deep clean kitchens like stoves and underneath the appliances cabinets, I can also clean walls floors ceilings etc I'm just looking out for a chance to help out somebody that are in need of help only charging $18 an hour or I can charge $200 for a week whatever works for you or however you want to pay I'm just looking for some extra work to make extra money and I know it is tough and hard for everyone in this world but I also love to clean. I have have experience in cleaning as I used to work for a cleaning company but I want to start my own and to do that is to do this on my time as I have a full-time job. Please email me thank you

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Name April Paulin
Phone (605) 366-2499
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Date Posted August 31, 2023
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