July 23, 2020

Custom Posters, Flyers, Ads, Product or Service Info Sheets for Small Businesses, Organizations or Events.


Location: Brewster, MN

Have a custom-designed ad created to advertise your business or organization. Ready to be shared on: • Facebook / Swap sites / Social media • Online Ads, Websites or Blogs • Email or Text to Perspective Customers • On or Off-line Classifieds / Craigslist / Newspaper flyers • Printed Handouts for Customer Bags and Deliveries • Advertising Material for Vender Fairs, Exhibitions, or Tradeshows. More designs will be created and added to this post as needed. Custom designs are available for an additional cost. If you don’t find a design that fits your need, consider choosing a one that catches your eye. Changing the colors and content can make it work perfectly for you. How to order? • Please use our website to make a payment here. https://tinyurl.com/posterpayment • Send us an email including the following to YourDesignsOnline@gmail.com 1. The design you would like to use. 2. Let us know if you would like to change the colors. Some colors may be changed to better suit your photos. 3. Send us your photos/logo. Please keep the following in mind. Limit photos to the number of photo spaces available on each design. Copyrighted photos are not permitted. Screenshots will not be accepted as the resolution is too small. 4. Send us your text write up, indicating the location for it. Please consider the space available. Notes • All ads will be a standard paper size of 8 ½ x 11 inches unless a different size is requested. • Once your poster is edited to your requirements, I will send you a preview file for your approval. • If there is a need for changes or revisions, please let me know, and I will continue working on your ad. • Your ad will be emailed to you in a PDF or JPG file when it is complete. HAVE QUESTIONS? If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me. I am a local website developer who loves graphic design and helping small businesses grow. To view my work please visit www.YourDesignsOnline.com Thank you.

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