February 01, 2020

Nigerian Dwarf Goats 3 does


Location: montrose, SD

Have 3 very colorful fun and young does for sale. they are darling goats and all are registered. 1 is tri-colored brown/black/and white. she is 2 years old and not bred. the next one is also try-colored and is the daughter of the first goat. she has more white but is also black and brown marks as well. this one is almost 1 year old. the 3rd goat is black with white spots. she is the littlest of the 3 and almost a year old. these goats are very small and extremely cute. breed them now and have some babies jumping around in pajamas in the spring!!! email me with questions send me an IM for more pictures and info. six zer0 5 five nine 5 zero 33 0

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Name sharon struck
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